This is how you are loved

“Love, that heart-breaking Love that is like a mother wanting to gather her chicks, like a parent who would lay down their life for their child, a partner who would die for their spouse, a friend who would consider themselves fulfilled to self-sacrifice for their friend.”


By a Lover who would lay His life down again to save you from eternal separation from Love. And Love’s longing is for each of us and for our neighbour. And how, how can He communicate this? Through our touch, our care, our self-emptying, our selflessness, our altruistic Love.

He asks will you be My Body? Will you be My hands, My voice, My feet? Will you let Me use you? Will you forget yourself and trust; let Me lead you to those who need My Love?  Love wants to be incarnate in our body, laying aside self-centredness to open a way of grace, a life-giving, renewing spring of resurrecting Spirit – the love of God, the love of Christ.  It is a sea in which to plunge, a leap of faith, an entry into a spiritual reality that impacts intimately the life we know.

From here we can make a difference. We can call others into the same ocean of love where the pain of self-centeredness is relinquished and from its tomb arises a new little Christ, a child of God, a born again soul, a follower of the way of Love, a carrier of the cross; as to follow Jesus Christ is to let His grace enable us to die to our selfish selves and to forgive every day to communicate His selfless, sacrificial, forgiving love for others. What an honour to cooperate with Him in reaching out to others, to be accompanied and led and inhabited by God’s Spirit of Love.

May we be changed to reflect the Image of the One who came to show us how to love one another. How blessed a world we would live in if we could follow His command to love one another. It is a sacrifice worth making, as we are worth His self-sacrifice to Him. This is how much we are loved. This is how much you are loved. Let us love one another. May the Holy Spirit empower us to say yes, to do this, to leap into the ocean of grace, to depart from our selfishness, to entrust all to Him, to die to ourselves, to find ourselves land in the safety of Love’s arms, to join His mission to change the world and save the Beloved, one kindness, one selfless act of grace, at a time.

Any Sacrifice

You are worth in my eyes any sacrifice;

I’m holding out my heart so full of love for you;

Open your eyes and see it’s true. Don’t hide away;

Don’t hide your face, anymore, don’t hide away.

Don’t you realise I can see through your eyes?

I know you’re hurting, will you let me touch you?

I want to share my heart with you. Don’t hide away;

Don’t hide your face anymore; don’t hide away.


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2 Responses to This is how you are loved

  1. Sadah says:

    This is great.

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