The advent of Advent

I always start to enjoy Christmas well before Advent. Not because of the ‘stuff’ appearing in the shops, but there is something in the ether, in the atmosphere, that knows, that is joyful, that anticipates. Perhaps some of it comes from a shared, collective sense of preparation for a celebration, and childhood memories. Perhaps it is because, if the Light coming into the world actually occurred on 25th December, the Mother of Jesus would now have been well into her third trimester of a pregnancy which changed the world. In a sense every pregnancy changes the world. It changes the mother – and when a child is born, this comes to pass: each one of us affects each one of the rest of us. “The life and death of each of us has its influence of others” (St Paul to the Romans, 14:7). We are all kin. We need to take care of each other, especially the ‘least’ of our brothers and sisters – the most vulnerable, and those who are lonely. We all need it, and we need to give it out.

Branches bare,

Sky gold and white;

Something in the air:

Pregnant with joy…

Waiting, knowing, loving;

HE will soon be here:

The little boy –

A child for everyone,

Born to bring us to birth again.



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