We are all part of one big family. The responsibilities I feel to my own family are to some extent relevant to a wider spiritual family – friends, acquaintances, others whom I do not even know. They are all sisters and brothers. We are all kin. We are all called to ‘love one another’ with the love that Jesus had for us. A tall order; a tough call: when this greatest love is to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. The only way possible is to allow Christ within us, the Holy Spirit, to love us and transform us – to confect us into Christ so that God’s love can flow through us. Let it flow.

What if

What if in heaven we there see

those we did not expect to be;

and find that the Almighty, He

is yet more merciful than we?

What if, beneath the different skin

of one against whom I did sin,

is my own brother, sister, kin;

another me, hidden within?

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